Before I Get Old and Wrinkly


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Before I Get Old & Wrinkly opens with the powerful story of a portrayal of one woman’s life and how she found inner peace amongst the incredible turbulence of a succession of traumas and heartbreak.  Written with passion, honesty and love, this book will inspire the reader to examine their own life and personal relationships to initiate positive change.

It is written in two halves, as the second half has a simple but practical and friendly easy approach into personal development with easy to understand suggestions and exercises to encourage you to make positive change if need be.

From Amazon Reviews:

“A wealth of knowledge and inspiration to help with both spiritual and personal growth.”

“A very emotional, thought-provoking read with some humour thrown in.”

“Sheila not only wins hearts with her easy relaxed style, but she touches lives with her honest powerful message to us all” Francis Collins – Teacher

“Finally a book that acknowledges grandparents as an essential part of the family. Sheil’s story brings help, support and love to future generations” Lynn Chesterman, Chief Executive, Grandparents Association

Without promoting any single answer, Sheila introduces theories and ideas that you can think about, in bite-sized morsels you can digest with ease. She invites you to let go of your past, become fully engaged with the here-and-now, and open your mind to a more inspiring future.

Available in Paperback and for Kindle.
Before I Get Old and Wrinkly is also available at Waterstones, Bertrams, Gardeners, Barnes & Noble and Ingram.

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