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Unlock the Soul within your organisation

– Heart-Centred Programme

Happier people create a more prosperous life.
Your company will achieve greater success through the development of your greatest asset – your people.

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In-house talk or workshops to groups as individuals:

What’s in it for you?

Personal Self Awareness in the workforce encourages people to push themselves beyond their self-imposed boundaries and limiting beliefs.

Working with Sheila is not like working with other speakers, trainers or presenters.

Here’s why:

  • It’s different – Anyone can come in and ‘wow’ you for a day. Sheila will do that… but she is far more interested in knowing that you want long term results for your investment.
  • It’s long term because sometimes behavioural change doesn’t happen overnight!
  • It’s a challenge – for some people – but the benefits will be amazing.
  • It’s fun and interactive – it will make individuals think so they reach their full potential.
  • It’s about finding everyone’s individual qualities – and using them to the best advantage.
  • It’s about you – the company or college.
  • What do you want to get out of your investment? What do you want to achieve and that is why Sheila will ask for your needs before anything else. Isn’t it important to know that the long term effects are crucial for everyone’s growth?
  • Many companies invest in initial training and then do not follow up on the results for the individual. Sheila always follows through

The benefits can be profound. They include improved teamwork, better communication, increased levels of confidence and better relationships. Everyone’s morale and motivation will be enhanced.

My approach is to follow on with a series of growth for the individuals as happier people achieve more. They are open to challenge, new ideas, more positive thinking because they will have more fulfilment and meaning in their life.

This can be done on an individual basis or in groups as a series of follow on workshops or motivational talks.

By having specific goals which are achievable it will help individuals and teams to feel good. When people see that change impacts their life, at home and at work, they become more focused on reaching their full potential.

These personal development workshops look at the ‘whole’ person which includes their home/work-life balance which is important.

Each talk/workshop/course is tailor-made to your individual requirements but the basis is the same – releasing the skills and potential of every person to help them feel more fulfilled and confident.

The results – A more motivated, enthusiastic and committed student or workforce.

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