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The gift of life

Accessing & developing your natural 6th sense – a new way of being, thinking and connecting

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Are you ready to feel amazing and free?

  • Imagine waking up every day, full of energy and vitality, excited about your future.

  • Sheila will share with you a new discovery that made a plain woman beautiful.

  • You see…everyone has this priceless gift – but few truly discover it for themselves.

Sheila Steptoe Events, Retreats and Workshops

Public Events:

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Would you like to discover this secret?

I have a passion and a dream…to empower and help people like you understand how to live your life on purpose with more confidence and self-love. This comes when you learn how to unleash the HEALING POWER of your mind through connection to your natural intuition and sixth sense. You can then feel serenity inside…are YOU ready to heal old patterns so you can have those life-changing experiences?

If your audience is really ready and wants to hear something different – then Inspiring your audience is one thing – giving them life-changing tools and wisdom is another. Sheila specializes in doing both.

Daniel Priestly – Director & Founder of Triumphant Events & DENT attributes Sheila as “One of the UK’s top Spiritual Speakers without all the Rah- Rah hype.”

A delegate in her audience recently wrote: “You are like my own personal British version of Louise Hay” – Wow – two of the fabulous praises she has recently received.

Sheila creates a fun atmosphere whilst giving the audience a fascinating insight into how they can take their life to the next level so they feel serenity within. Everyone then feels inspired and excited – both personally and professionally – to follow their own purpose, vision and goals in their own unique way. Sheila’s insights and stories are really powerful and bring a breath of fresh air to personal development.

The benefits of listening to Sheila can be magical. Her passion is sharing a new understanding about life and the huge benefits of developing a connection to the Universal Energy and more.

Sheila will provide tools, ideas, techniques and inspirational true-life stories to simplify the concept of how changing your mindset (plus more) helps awaken the unique person you are. Sheila explains this in a down-to-earth simple format – (see testimonials in People’s Experiences)

Experience from a previous event organizer:

“Sheila’s presentation Making the most of ‘you’ – you are unique which she presented at our networking workshop was very informative and inspiring. The feedback that I had was exceptional, and I will certainly consider Sheila again for future events. I can highly recommend Sheila, and would be happy to give a referral and recommendation if you are requiring a guest speaker for your own event, or considering attending one of Sheila’s seminars”.

John Northwood, T1 Promotions

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By combining spiritual and personal growth – all aspects of people’s lives begin to flourish

All those limiting beliefs will gradually disappear as people understand how powerful the ‘Spiritual You’ can be (And no… it’s definitely NOT about religion). There really are no limits – apart from those we sometimes impose on ourselves.

Put the fun, passion and excitement back into your life

  • A large key (ask why and she will tell you more)
  • Laughter & learning through audience participation
  • People setting themselves higher personal goals
  • Everyone takes away something different and what they need to tap into their soul
  • Brilliant tips and ideas to take away for your own personal use

Sheila is a passionate and very effective speaker who speaks straight from her heart and personal experiences – not from the latest text book. She radiates an inner energy. Her down to earth spiritual wisdom will inspire you in a very different way to other speakers, trainers and experts. Let her be your inspiration. 

Put the Fun, Passion and Excitement Back into Your Life

If you would like Sheila to give a talk on one of her inspirational topics or present a talk tailored to your company or groups needs – please contact us. The benefits to your company will be greater success through the development of your greatest asset – your people.

‘Awaken Your Spiritual 6th Sense’ – Presentation or workshop

Understanding a few simple truths about life can make a huge difference in the way your mind can change your world. Everyone deserves the best but sometimes we don’t have the confidence, courage or know how to move forward. Discover how to break through your limiting beliefs. Gain powerful insights and the confidence to take charge and transform your life – personally or professionally. Create amazing results as you begin to understand yourself better. This then leads to more meaning, purpose and fun as you will feel so much more alive. An inspiring talk (or workshop) with personal insights from her own life. Sheila will demonstrate the power within you and will fully engage you, challenge you, entertain you and finally leave you with one clear key message – …you CAN believe in the magic of yourself and turn your personal and professional life around. Let her show you how.

‘3 Hidden Secrets to Networking’ – Presentation

Making the most of an event requires the normal networking techniques. In this presentation, you will learn some interesting insights on how we as people communicate. As soon as you walk into the room – you make an impact. Learn what lies ‘behind your body language’ and what this reveals about you. Understand why ‘true listening’ is a skill and is so important. Plus why you should ‘follow your own intuition’ as what works for some may not work for you. Understanding all these 3 strategies will give you more confidence the next time you attend a business meeting or networking event.

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by calling 07798 551465 or email: