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Sheila Steptoe Self-Help Course - Master Your Own Destiny

Master Your Own Destiny Home Study Self-Help Course

Master Your Own Destiny will, quite literally, change your life.

Created by author and mentor, Sheila Steptoe, the best-selling book has been developed into a home study course and practical workshops. Sheila’s gentle guidance will inspire you to look at your life with a different perspective and unlock an amazing future…

This nine-month course provides a practical step-by-step programme for examining your life and exploring your future. Each module contains teaching, case studies and exercises, along with reflections and affirmations you can use every day.

Designed to work in manageable bite-sized sections, the course requires around 1-2 hours per week. There are also accompanying introductions and guided visualisations with Sheila which are included in CD or MP3 format.