Personal & Spiritual Mentoring for Fledglings

“There is nothing I like more than watching my personal clients blossom and grow into a new life when they wake up and feel like a new person. It’s like a silent awakening to something so beautiful that it is hard to describe in words.”

Sheila is a Spiritual Teacher and is known as a wise and warm approachable woman who is fantastic at helping you understand yourself better so you can take your life from ordinary to extraordinary.

I will help you understand how to open up and connect to your sixth sense – your physic gifts – and Spiritual Intelligence (SQ).  This will help you fall in love with yourself so you can achieve whatever you like (within reason!) – maybe have better relationships / start a new career or business / understand your life’s up’s and down’s plus heal old patterns that you no longer need.

Spiritual Intelligence is also about connecting your 3 minds – IQ + EQ + SQ so you use your whole brain and emotions which is your inner guidance system, which includes your intuition and your natural psychic gifts – your sixth sense

Spirituality at work & play – Mind is the map to select your destination. Emotions are the fuel. Intuition is the compass to guide you when you are lost. I think that says a lot!

If you are at a stage when you are ready to transform your life into something more inspiring and fulfilling ….then having a personal coach is one of the absolute best and quickest ways of getting direction and achieving what you want. Ultimately, YOU hold the key to the answers inside of yourself but having support can be the catalyst for change.

You may have started to ‘feel different’ or suddenly ‘woken up’ and felt a beautiful spiritual connection to something much bigger than yourself and want to learn more. This will help you find the answers and the beauty of inner peace. Isn’t it worth spending some quality time on yourself? You really are worth it.

I firmly believe that it is important to give you your own space which will empower you to find your own truth and what resonates within. No one path is ‘the way’ as we are all very different, but I would love to guide you on your own journey.

I would also love to help you connect and open up something inside of you which is your higher vibration connected to your natural spiritual intelligence. You can then learn to hear the whispers of your soul and your Guides. – click to read more- Awaken your Sixth Sense – your Inner Guidance System. This is also included in my Diamond package – see below

Our innate Spiritual Intelligence is an energy force within us, which for some is our Higher Self or our connection to Source & Light Beings who are our Guides. This energy force is constantly guiding us forward, evolving us as people and leading us to the art of effortless accomplishment in all that we do. To tap into this energy we have to be willing to let go of our conditioning and beliefs that tell us to just set goals and strive to achieve them, and instead, be willing to allow this energy to work for you, bringing to you all that is in alignment with your highest good. The results can be amazing and I know this from personal experience too.

The easiest way to describe ‘Energy’ is… it is like the wind…you can feel it but can’t see it. Inner-energy is energy magnetic to others. It radiates out. Being awake and aware means that you will have a heightened sense of what is going on around you.

I also specialise in Consciousness Awareness Meditations which can be included in our coaching sessions or done on an one2one basis separately – (see options below).

It takes courage to walk away from the herd when you suddenly feel different. But it involves being true over being approved, but when that approval comes from within… are free

How it works…


I offer a premium service that utilises face-to-face, Skype, Zoom or over the telephone personal sessions, to suit you!

My individually tailored service is as unique as you are. I will help YOU discover who YOU REALLY ARE and how YOU can bring meaning to your life and achieve your goals, exploring options and approaches for achieving the results you seek.

I will help you regain life balance back into your personal and/or professional life. With my support, encouragement and challenging you along the way, it will inspire you to take your own actions.

I will also help you discover the beautiful benefit of meditation if this would be of interest. I will guide you and show you how to open up all the possibilities of connecting to your Higher Self and Guides which will be an amazing experience. I do this one-2-one so it is very personal.

I promise I will focus 100% on you, support you, listen to you, be non-judgmental of you, encourage you and focus on what you want from life, motivating you and empowering you to come up with your own answers. I will show you new ways of thinking, feeling, and yes I may prompt you with a new idea, or thought, but ultimately it will be YOUR decision.

Am I promising the impossible? NO!

I will not be solving any of your problems, only guiding and helping you to reveal how to solve your own life’s challenges. I enable you to empower yourself so you find your own sense of peace, intuition, energy, connectedness and passion. The reason being is your Higher Self has the answers but you just need to tap into it, and this is where I can help.

Consciousness Awareness Meditation – individual or group

Attend a Group Workshop – Click here for more details…

9 Module Home Self-Study ProgrammeClick here for more details (connects to my other website)

One 2 One individual coaching – see below


My experience as an intuitive consultant and spiritual teacher:

What makes me unique is my experience over the last 20+ years in bridging the two worlds of personal development and spirituality together. I have trained as a Counselor, Life Coach, Psychology and in Metaphysics and personally experienced a beautiful ‘wake up’ life-changing journey through spirituality. It has been amazing and I love helping people who are just beginning on their journeys too.

References: Many people call me ‘a catalyst’ as it seems that their life changes in amazing ways after our sessions together. 98% have had some amazing experiences after just one session which is wonderful. I am not promising that this will instantly happen to everyone, because that would be impossible, but certainly, within a few sessions, this will happen. I certainly love hearing their stories. (I will be adding some case studies soon but I can put you in touch personally if you would like to chat to one of my clients )

I feel privileged and honoured to witness sometimes such life-changing moments which many people have and these beautiful events make it all worthwhile to me. I am just a conduit from the Universal spiritual realms which makes each experience so powerful and special.

My clients range from home-makers to top executives – male and female so I would love to help you focus on what your needs are. We can meet in person – Essex, Suffolk, Cambridge, Kent & London or anywhere just outside London around the M25 – or chat over the telephone or Skype so you can be anywhere in the world.


Please call or email me to book your appointment for one of my mentoring packages:

A single one or two-hour intuitive session/reading.

It will give you an eye-opener of how to move forward and will be the start to change your life – but if you are really serious about getting the most from your life then one of my packages would be perfect for you – £75 per 2-hour Angel Card reading session.

Initial Consultation

An initial consultation to see which package is right for you – and also if we are right for each other – £150 – either in person – London/Essex/Kent/Cambridge/Herts or via Skype which is £75 in advance.

Gold package: 3 month Life Awareness package.

Starting with a 2-hour in-depth session and then followed by monthly email & phone support. Then follow up sessions for as long as you need my guidance and support. Or you may choose to have an intense first two to three sessions for the light-bulb to switch on and your way forward becomes clear.

Platinum Package: 6-month Life-Changing package.

Starting with a half-day in-depth session. Then follow-up 2+ hour monthly in-person sessions including email or telephone weekly support in-between. I can give you guidance and be your support for as long as you like but by the end of the 6 months (or less), your confidence will have grown for you to make fantastic changes as you will feel so different.

Diamond Package: Ultimate Life Changing commitment package.

Starting with a full day in-depth session including individual Channelling session with your guides through Meditation. PLUS daily or weekly support and Channelling sessions as needed. Price on application…

100% of my clients say they are ‘priceless’ as it has been a real life-changing experience.