“One of the UK’s top Spiritual Speakers without all the Rah-Rah hype.”

Daniel Priestly, Triumphant Events / KPI / Dent

Sheila’s brief story –  Over twenty-five years ago, I was a happy average housewife, but the Universe threw something at me that I wasn’t expecting. Abruptly, my life crashed. Then, I had a beautiful and powerful life-changing spiritual ‘wake up’ experience. In October 1993 I began to understand that we are all connected to the Universal Energy which is very powerful. Through this understanding, I discovered a truth so exquisitely beautiful that, when I connected to it, my life could never be the same again.  I slowly healed and transformed my life but I didn’t know who to turn to learn more….and that’s why I love helping people like you. Click here to read more –  About Sheila Steptoe | Sheila Steptoe

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Have you had a beautiful shift of some kind which has made you want to understand yourself and your life better? If so, having personal guidance from me can help you understand how to move forward with insights you never dreamed could happen…

Attending one of Sheila’s talks or workshops will give you some powerful insights & ideas to help reveal your life’s deeper meaning and purpose as you get to know yourself better…

Spiritual Meditation can have an amazing effect on your life. It will give you a different insight into yourself and your connection to the spiritual world. I have been teaching this for over 18 years and witnessed some wonderful transformations 

Awakening to your Spiritual Self


Through varied experiences, including success and failure, and a beautiful spiritual awakening, I now find myself able to hold space for others and offer support and guidance when invited to do so. Everyone has a path to travel and mine is to support and help people find the wise self within so they can revel in the happiness and freedom they find themselves discovering.


It’s like a silent awakening to something so beautiful that it is hard to describe in words.















Do you want to grow more spiritually and:

The benefits and answers may surprise you as they are within you! 

Understanding this will help you wake up with joy, have more fulfilling relationships and ignite the spirit within. Let me help and be your catalyst for change.

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