My amazing journey so far…

Over the last 2+ decades, my life has changed and grown into something which I am immensely proud of. It hasn’t always been easy but through a very unexpected and powerful life-changing experience in October 1993, I had an amazing and beautiful spiritual awakening which was my saviour during a very low point in my life. Over time I have learnt and experienced so much that I now love helping others do the same.

It is a joy to share my experiences which includes my physic abilities and gifts which opened up unexpectantly. Over this time, I have learnt so much including the benefits of meditating and more about my new found spiritual wisdom which has been enlightening. This now enables me to chat about a whole lot of techniques and subjects which will help others to move on in their own life. I have also experienced the pain of a family separation and know the heartache this can have. Plus I have overcome skin cancer, divorce and a whole lot more!

BEN – Bridging the Gap
Chatted to Flower on her inspirational SKY TV show.

I had a lovely conversation with Tom Evans about lots of things and my new Home Study Course. ListenupdateI

I chatted to Damien Senn on his ‘People You Should Meet’ radio show recently Listen here……

USA – I was invited to be a guest on the Oregon Beyond 50 radio station recently Listen here…

Sheila is available to give interviews on various topics including:

  • Media/Event planners – Sheila’s CV & comprehensive list of previous events –(this is seriously out of date and will be updated). Click here to Download  
  • The beauty of meditation – spiritual and mindfulness 
  • Accessing & developing your Spiritual Intelligence & Psychic gifts
  • Spiritual – her wonderful unexpected experiences and how so many people around the world are ‘waking up’ to a new understanding about life. (This has nothing to do with religion).
  • Changing direction and falling in love with who you are
  • Mind power and finding the true authentic you

I was fortunate to be interviewed by Fern Britton and Philip Schofield on ITV’s This Morning programme where the focus of the discussion was about my book, “Before I get Old and Wrinkly!”

A link to my book was then featured on the ITV website on the “This Morning Best Bites” section which can be seen by Clicking Here.


ITV – This Morning with Philip Schofield and Fern Britten
Sheila was invited onto ‘This Morning’ with Fern Britton and Philip Schofield on 21st September 2006 to discuss her book – see Books & Products page

Sheila also appreared on Sky TV BEN Channel on 25th September 2012 where she chatted to Flower

Radio interviews:

Sheila has also been interviewed on many different BBC Radio stations, Passion for the Planet. Oregon USA Over 50’s radio show, People You Should Meet, & Sound Alternative, Untangled FM to name but a few during the last few years about her book and/or about her beautiful spiritual experiences.

*Sheila has been giving talks at Seminars, Exhibitions and to voluntary organizations, which on some occasions has been standing room only. Please see ‘People’s experience Testimonials’ for snippets to the response and impact Sheila has.

*Sheila has written many articles for Healthy Life – Mind Body & Soul & OM & Yoga Lifestyle magazine and other publications.

*Many articles have been written in various magazines and newspapers in the last few years about Sheila and/or her book including articles in The Daily Mail & Sunday Mirror.

*Sheila has been running very popular ‘Your Awakening ‘ workshops and Retreats and will continue to do so

*Sheila is a Mentor with The Princes Trust and a past volunteer for Victim Support.

And this is only the beginning – it has been a wonderful journey so far and is continuing to be and I am loving and enjoying every minute.

More to follow… I will update soon more about my journey as amazing things are still happening

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