The Power of Visualization – your imagination

Your imagination is one of the most powerful gifts you own. You can stretch it, mould it and create it and it really is unlimited.  You can use it for anything you want to bring to fruition. A brilliant thing to remember is, When you visualize, you materialize.

Imagine yourself in any situation that you want to take place. Maybe you want to open a business, attract a new partner or generally just be happier. You may want to visualize yourself being fitter and healthy, having a new car or even winning a race.



I have just said that you have to visualize what you want to happen, including all the little details of the end result. But it’s important, also, to let the scene unfold naturally. This can be hard to do, particularly when you want a thing so badly — but you have to detach yourself from the end result and just let it happen

Trust the Universe to take care of it, and know deep down that it will happen. When you try to control everything yourself, sometimes you can miss some unexpected opportunities that are presented to you. Synchronicity will begin to flow so watch, and notice, by each step you take, how things begin to unfold. See how the jigsaw pieces suddenly fall into place


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