People’s Experiences of Sheila Steptoe

Tony Stockwell – International Psychic, Author, Teacher

                    Sheila is a ‘Seer’ – a wise woman – who I have had the pleasure of meeting and teaching her to enhance her gifts.



“Merry Christmas to the person that has individually changed my life for the better.

You’ve done so much more for me than you can imagine, even things you may have said or done that I may have not been put into practice yet, will give me decades of wisdom to help people and give in the foreseeable future.

Thank you Sheila”

George S – Transformational Coach

“Saw Sheila again today – she is a genius. Major breakthroughs handled so gracefully.”
Joanne Stevens, Director

If ever an angel amongst us existed, it has to be you, Sheila. The more I communicate with you, the more I see how spirited a Being you are. You are definitely here to illuminate mankind and I can see it happening. Your light is astonishingly bright and that is very, very unusual to see. It tells me how evolved you are. You will be called to do something pretty amazing and I can see Essex alight with something spectacular which you will bring soon.

Much love and huge, HUGE thanks for the links and guidance. I look forward to catching up this weekend and seeing how far you’ve got! I’m working on book one of my 3-book series.

Tons of hugs, eternal blessings and xxx

Namaste   Mercedes   Mercedes Leal

“I can never thank you enough because I came to your talk in Colchester, read your book and you gave me the courage and strength to change my whole life – thank you as I now feel so alive.
A member of the general public

“I have heard many speakers over the years but I have to say you really captivated the audience in a way I have only witnessed once or twice before. The audience was mesmerized, inspired and the energy in the room was fantastic. Thank you and it was a privilege to be a part of the event.
Janice Brown, Sales & Marketing

“It was unbelievably great meeting you last night! You are like my own personal British version of Louise Hay. She has helped me tremendously over the last 12 years through her books and cassettes, but now I have you to talk to in person. With love”
Juli Knight – Holistic Practitioner

“Sheila – your workshop was one of the best I have ever attended.  I got so much from it and so many new ideas that I am buzzing and feel so inspired.  Thank you from the bottom of my heart.
Cathy Flynn, Astrologer 

“Thank you for your patience, understanding and support and thanks to you I am now about to embark on a university course which is something I would never have done before
Joe, Hairdresser

Sheila is a passionate and very effective speaker who speaks straight from her heart and personal experiences – not from a textbook. She radiates an inner energy. Her down to earth spiritual wisdom will inspire you in a very different way to other speakers, trainers and experts. Let her be your inspiration.

If you would like Sheila to give a talk on one of her inspirational topics or present a talk tailored to your company or groups needs – please contact us. The benefits to your company will be a greater success through the development of your greatest asset – your people.

Experiences from previous event organizers:

“I would just like to say a huge “Thank you” for coming along as our guest speaker earlier in the year. Your keynote speech was fantastic and gave me and our members lots to think about. It was placed at exactly the correct level to inspire, motivate and encourage and, as a consequence, one of our contenders went through to Division level, which is quite an achievement, considering our Club is only one year old!

As Founder President of Chelmsford, it was a very proud moment for me, knowing that you were my friend who stepped in at fairly short notice and gave such a highly polished, professional air to the occasion.”
Constance Turner, Chelmsford Speakers

“Sheila’s presentation Making the most of ‘you’ – you are unique which she presented at our networking workshop was very informative and inspiring. The feedback that I had was exceptional, and I will certainly consider Sheila again for future events. I can highly recommend Sheila, and would be happy to give a referral and recommendation if you are requiring a guest speaker for your own event, or considering attending one of Sheila’s seminars.”
John Northwood.

“When Sheila came and gave a talk to our Atlantean Women lunch group this month she not only entertained us but managed to completely engage our attention.  This is no easy task as our ladies are known for asking questions and generally interrupting throughout!  With Sheila’s calming aura and intelligent quotes and stories, it was an absolute pleasure sitting and listening to her eloquent speech.  I would highly recommend Sheila, she is a beautiful soul who is happy to talk to anyone – and she certainly did at our event which continued four hours after we had officially finished!”
Dawn Brailsford & Kerry Anne Gill.

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