How you can create magical things in your life

“Your heart holds answers your mind hasn’t even begun to imagine” Old Proverb

Meditation can have a remarkable effect on your life. Meditation tunes into your inner world and can transform you. It doesn’t have to last for hours on end — ten to fifteen minutes a day might be all you need. After a while, you will find your own right time to meditate, whether it is early morning after a shower, during a coffee break or a quiet time in the evening. The secret is to practice and gradually you will find that it becomes much easier when you discover the benefits. You’ll want to do it regularly and find you make time for your meditation.

There are many different ways to meditate, and various techniques which are most suitable for you and your lifestyle. Simple meditations like calming mindfulness or I specialise in Soul Connection meditations which are also amazing and beautiful.



Taking time out will help you improve your memory, intuition, creativity and give you much more clarity of thought. It also helps to reduce your stress levels so you come away feeling refreshed, invigorated and more relaxed, allowing you to achieve more. Brilliant ideas will pop into your head, and sometimes the answer to what you have been struggling with or looking for will suddenly come to you.

Celebrities, Pop idols, Politicians, Teachers, Monks, Sport icons, Buddhists, Millionaires, Entrepreneurs and your friends do it too! Richard Branson, Oprah Winfrey, Richard Gere, Madonna, David & Victoria Beckham are just a few who openly admit they meditate too!

Meditation can be the key to opening up your life. When you have a quiet time to yourself it is beneficial because you are recharging your energy. A deep meditation stimulates the creation of new communication pathways between the logical right brain and the creative left brain.  This then balances your brain and gives you a whole-being experience.  It can also be a wonderful healing experience for your mind and body.


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These audio recordings will give you a gentle introduction to meditation:

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