Sheila Steptoe - Transforming Lives Through Spiritual Enlightenment

Hello, I’m Sheila Steptoe…

When you ‘unlock your soul’ your awakening experience can be so beautiful it’s mind-blowing but also very difficult to describe. But when you do, you’ll understand what I mean!

My passion is to help you heal from a difficult experience through a spiritual understanding and connection.  My spiritual journey healed me from many traumas and was such a beautiful experience, which I would love to share with you.

I would love to walk with you, as your spiritual development is a personal journey, and help you understand what is happening as you may have started to experience or feel different, and you may not be sure why. Or you just have a natural curiosity and want to learn more.

Either way, I can guide you in developing your intuition, learn more about your psychic gifts, respond to the whispers from your soul or discover the magic of meditations, and come to a heart-centred awareness of yourself.

Through using my intuitive abilities of seeing, hearing, feeling and direct knowing by connecting to Ascended Masters and Angelic beings, we can open the way to your own spiritual journey. Source has shown and told me that I am ‘a keeper of the light so others may find it’.  Nothing gives me greater pleasure.

Plus Psychic Activation – I will help you understand how to awaken and develop your natural 6th sense – your psychic abilities and your intuition – which we all have these gifts. You will then shine with more confidence as you truly understand who you are, and how to move forward as the old blocks begin to disappear and your stress is reduced

I know that when you discover a connection to your inner-wisdom you will begin to feel serenity inside every day of your life. How does that sound?

Would you like the confidence to create something more meaningful in your life?

Coming soon.

Watch this space.

More details to follow about 2 online courses starting in 2024

PLUS a Membership group which I hope to launch soon

Next in-person workshop in Coggeshall CO6 1TT : 

September 12th and/OR September 14th 2024 -10am-4pm

One to One ‘Soul to Soul’ Readings – in person or online

Message me for more details……


Awakening to your spiritual self. Learn to live from your heart which is the true you. 

I can help you activate your connection to your higher beings so you can channel the power of the Universe.

Psychic Activation – Awaken your psychic abilities

So many of my clients tell me how life-changing this experience is. You will benefit in many ways, by naturally attracting an abundance of what you need and want – love, joy and laughter as well as tangible things such as enough money, supportive friends, opportunities and inspiring projects or work.

My own life and spiritual journey

Sheila is a ‘Keeper of the Light so others may find it’

Sheila is an International speaker at conferences and seminars, She also hosts fun-packed motivational workshops, and runs meditation classes for individuals and groups.

Successful clients to date include NHS Matron’s Network, Essex County Council Libraries, Authorhouse Publishers, many MBS Events, Atlantean Body, TI Promotions, Ottakars book chain, One Vision, Purple Feather Events, The Yes Group to name but a few.  

My Own Life and Spiritual Journey

Over twenty-five plus years ago, I was a happy average housewife. Suddenly my world crashed around me but during this time, I had a beautiful and powerful life-changing spiritual ‘wake up’ experience. In October 1993 I began to understand that we are all connected to the Universal Energy which is very powerful. Through this understanding and practice, I slowly healed and transformed my life from rock-bottom to a successful businesswoman…and if I can do this maybe so can you.

My soul then beckoned me to leave my successful business career and to journey onto a completely different path. It was a huge step outside my comfort zone but life-changing and I have never regretted it. Following my interests and inner guidance, I studied for a Counseling degree, Psychology, Accredited Life Coach, Rahanni Celestial Healing and also Metaphysics…..and wrote 2 books!

My life has been a fun-filled roller-coaster adventure with many life-changing events, both emotional and physical and especially spiritual. But my love of life and positive attitude has never let me down as I continue to be a ‘student’ of life! Let’s not discuss how many schools I managed to get expelled from! I have lived with skin cancer for over 30+ years, shocked and heartbroken when my happy marriage broke down and even more devastated through a close family separation. Plus I have been through bereavement, unemployment, financial hardship and every emotion there is!

But I adopted an ‘I can attitude’ and was determined to have success, fun, laughter and love as I grew through each experience and got to understand myself and my life better. This was because in my mid-40’s…. unexpectedly amazing new experiences kept happening and my psychic ability was opened and spirituality entered my life, changing it forever. Some of the stories I tell in my workshops and talks will entertain and inspire you!

Friends and clients say “Sheila is a wise & warm authentic lady who is fantastic at helping people create breathtaking and transformational changes to take their lives from ordinary to extraordinary. She leaves people feeling inspired, awakened and motivated”.

 “Sheila has the amazing capability of ‘standing back’ and allowing people to blossom and flourish as she guides, listens and observers giving individuals the opportunity to grow in their own space which is life-changing. She gives you a completely new understanding of yourself “.

“Saw Sheila again today – she is a genius. Major breakthroughs handled so gracefully” Joanne Stevens, Director: August 2019

I ignite people’s minds through a simple process of listening to the gentle guidance from their Soul, so they learn the benefit of listening to their Intuition which has amazing results and is very empowering. 

I feel privileged and honoured to witness sometimes such life-changing experiences which many people have and these beautiful events make it all worthwhile for me. I am just a conduit from the Universal spiritual realms which makes each moment so powerful and special.

Daniel Priestly – Director & Founder of Triumphant Events, KPI & DENT attributes Sheila as “One of the UK’s top Spiritual Speakers without all the Rah- Rah hype “

A delegate in her audience recently wrote “You are like my own personal British version of Louise Hay” – Wow

She has appeared as a guest on Prime Time TV, Sky TV, featured regularly in the Press and chatted on many independent and local BBC Radio stations over the last few years.

Here’s a short brief on 2 books she has written: 

‘Before I get old and wrinkly‘ was Sheila’s first book and was started simply as a letter to her children. Her inspirational ideas and contents began to help so many other people who were questioning their lives, that Sheila was compelled to write the book which is fast becoming a best seller. This letter and experience was part of her life-changing transformation.

Her second book ‘Master Your Own Destiny‘ followed and will give you, the reader, many more tools and techniques to transform your own life personally and professionally in your own way. This has now also been turned into a Home Study Programme.

Having had a corporate background in media sales, it was Sheila’s occupation as a Health Care Adviser at BUPA that uncovered her vocation in training and teaching.