The Secret to Intuitive Living – Your 6th Sense

‘Do you hear the whispers from your soul’

Your sixth sense will guide you safely to create a life of grace, harmony, simplicity and abundance.

We all know we have 5 senses – smell, touch, taste, hearing and sight which are physical senses but we all have another sense – our 6th sense which is a spiritual sense, connected to your soul body and centred in your heart.

Many people are now ‘waking up’ and feel differently. Sometimes they can’t explain what is happening to them but they feel and sense the energy around them has changed and they don’t know how to move forward.  Is this you? You feel beautiful and synchronicity may have started to happen as life suddenly becomes lighter and free as your vibration has raised.  You may feel great love and appreciate all that you have and others around you as you begin to feel and look at life differently.

Once your sixth sense is opened, you will pay more attention to clues, you live an easier, gentler and more satisfying way of life as you know you are connected to a much higher power than yourself.   It’s very hard to explain but your life will never be the same again as you begin to observe life in a different way.

Your sixth sense primarily function is to guide your souls’ path and keep you connected to your Creator, your Spirit Guides and your Angelic helpers who can give you help directly during the course of your life.

One of the best ways to open up your life and your sixth sense is through meditations and stillness of your mind.  Plus follow your intuition as this is where your messages from your higher self and your guides are planted.

It doesn’t necessarily mean that your physic centres have been opened to start with, but the word psychic comes from the Greek word ‘psyche’ meaning ‘soul’.  Therefore psychic means ‘of the soul’ which is your pathway and intuition guiding you down the river of life. 

As the river flows you will stop swimming against the tide.

Spiritual also has a different meaning to what you expect.  The English word Spirit comes from the Latin ‘Spiritus’ meaning BREATH. You breathe life into yourself and all that surrounds you is a beautiful expression which I feel sums up the feeling of ‘your awakening’ to the spiritual new you.

Research has demonstrated consistently that this intuitive ‘sixth sense’ exists in all of us. Some people instinctively know how to follow their inner-guidance system so fulfil their dreams.  For others, however, I am sure that this is not something you were taught how to develop when you were a child – but this amazing faculty is something you were born with. Learning how to follow your intuition maybe one of the best gifts you can give yourself.

When you value it and appreciate how powerful connecting to this infinite source of wisdom can be, you’ll see wonderful things happening in your life as a result of you tapping into this higher vibration. Your sixth sense will guide you safely to your path, connect you to the right relationships, guide you in your profession and help you realise you are loved and accepted just as you are.

Your intuition is your personal ‘inner guidance system’ which when you learn how to recognize and follow it, your life will begin to flow much more easily. For many people, this can be difficult because they are not sure how to distinguish between their own thoughts and feelings as often these are drowned out by the constant chatter that goes on in their heads!.

Let me explain

The best way to access your intuition is to have occasional stillness so you can be aware of your feelings and emotions. Gut instincts, hunches, out of the blue sudden ideas are like messages from your mind and Higher Self; you just know that something is right — or that something is wrong, as the case may be. There have been many reported incidents when people just knew not to get on a train or plane that later crashed. And I am sure we have all had that feeling, at some time, that we needed to call someone just when that person has had a real need and was grateful for the call.

If something ‘feels’ right then it normally is.  If you are in any doubt about something then never rush in. Take your time, digest all your thoughts and options and be guided by how you feel.  This can be very powerful especially when making big decisions.

Instincts are like emotions you sometimes cannot create for yourself. When your heart starts fluttering, or your stomach may churn, these are emotions that just happen. You did nothing to make them happen.

In fact, sometimes you have made them happen. You might have bumped into the love of your life, you may have seen something that frightened you, or something unexpected could have taken you by surprise. When the heart flutters, this is something that you, yourself, cannot control. It is an expression of an emotion.

Something else that is beautiful is if you feel tingles at any time or a sensation that you are connected to something outside of yourself. This is a much higher vibration and a connection to your Guides or Angels who are constantly near you awaiting your permission to connect more fully. I would love to explain personally to you how to take this further. 

You need to follow your instincts, hunches and feelings about things, rather than ignore them. You do pay attention to the heart-flutter and the tears —so why don’t you take more notice of other feelings, and thoughts that may suddenly pop into your head? Perhaps if you learn that these are an inner guidance system giving you warnings or advice about your way forward, you can begin to learn to trust them more. They are connected to your mind and you’re Higher Self — which is the higher, wise part of you.

Taking a short break and finding a bit of quiet time either by walking in nature, sitting quietly so you have an inner-stillness, will enable your thoughts to become clearer. So often that is when you will have your ‘light-bulb’ moments as suddenly everything makes sense!

So to follow your intuition you need to:

  • Be open to it
  • Accept and expect it
  • Listen to it

Following your path in life

Taking that step outside your comfort zone because your intuition is guiding you to, can be frightening but exciting too. Your intuition is powerful if you allow it to flow within you. If you are drawn to follow your feelings and emotions about something, then please try and go with it. I have always followed my inner wisdom. It was as if a wise person had gone ahead of me, seen the future, and come back to tell me which way to go and what to do. That wise person had seen the bigger picture of my life — the Grand Design, you could call it. But what turns out to be the right path does not always lie where you think you should be going!

Everyone has intuition but generally, people don’t know how to just sit back and listen to those inner thoughts because we are all so wrapped up in our busy 24/7 life.  Taking that quiet time will pay dividends as it will lead you to much more contentment and happiness because you can then begin to do the things you love.

Your higher self also connects with you through your dreams. It is worth noting down a strong significant dream or vision when you have one. These are indicators of your way forward, or of your fears.

When you write down a dream, try to analyze what your FIRST feelings and thoughts are about the dream’s meaning.  These thoughts are very significant. Dreams are powerful and there are many dream interpretation books but please only use as a guide. You can then piece together a general overall meaning, which you then have to personalize in order to make sense of what the dream is telling you by connecting all the parts together.

You also have to learn how to take the rational mind and the ego out of the equation. This is hard because you often think you know best when analyzing your own thoughts. It does not require hours in meditation to pick up the thoughts from an intuition — all you need is a stillness of your mind at any time of the day. It is a knack worth learning.

Surprisingly, when you follow your intuition it leads you to freedom.