The Secret to Intuitive Living – Your 6th Sense

‘Do you hear the whispers from your soul’

“Your sixth sense will guide you safely to create a life of grace, harmony, simplicity and abundance”.

We all know we have 5 senses – smell, touch, taste, hearing and sight which are physical senses but we all have another sense – our 6th sense which is a spiritual sense, connected to your soul body and centred in your heart.

Many people are now ‘waking up’ and feel change in their life but don’t know how to move forward.  Is this you?

Once your sixth sense is opened, you will pay more attention to clues, you live an easier, gentler and more satisfying way of life as you become aware of your connection to a much higher power than yourself.   It’s not easy to explain but your life will never be the same again as you begin to observe life in a different way.

Your intuition is your personal ‘inner guidance system’ which when you learn how to recognize and follow it, your life will begin to flow much more easily

You will become aware of the best ways to open up your life and your sixth sense is through meditations and stillness of your mind.  You will trust your intuition as this is where your messages from your higher self and your guides come from. 

So often that is when you will have your ‘light-bulb’ moments as suddenly everything makes sense!

So to follow your intuition you need to:

  • Be open to it
  • Accept, and expect it
  • Listen and trust it

Surprisingly, when you follow your intuition it leads you to freedom.


The word psychic comes from the Greek word ‘psyche’ meaning ‘soul’.  Therefore psychic means ‘of the soul’ which is your pathway and intuition guiding you down the river of life.

Spiritual also has a different meaning to what you expect.  The English word Spirit comes from the Latin ‘Spiritus’ meaning BREATH. You breathe life into yourself and all that surrounds you is a beautiful expression which I feel sums up the feeling of ‘your awakening’ to the spiritual new you.

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