My answer is yes but then I realised I think I live in a sort of bubble! My world, for as long as I can remember, has always been wonderful, friendly and fascinating with all the quirks that life brings. But it always amazes me when people feel differently to me – hence I sometimes think I don’t live in the real world of chaos that other people see and feel.

This question was asked at a workshop I was attending at the weekend and out of 12 delegates, only 2 others agreed with me! Everyone else said their life was full of negative circumstances, negative people and even worse… they felt surrounded by hostile feelings about the world in general.

By why do we see the world so differently? I have asked myself this question over the last few days as their viewpoint shocked me. This fast 24/7 pace that we all now live in seems to have taken away so much whilst giving other benefits maybe? The wonders of technology have brought information & knowledge at our fingertips. We can communicate and travel around the world in an instant. We have more freedom and choice than ever before. Life over the last 100 years has changed beyond recognition and much of it for the better but maybe we have lost some of our values which are now missing in many peoples lives.

Families live miles apart, texting and messaging has taken over from face-2-face conversations, many people are bored especially teenagers, people live in isolation as communities break down and people just don’t have time for each other as they are too busy doing their thing….but what is their thing? I hear these words ‘doing my thing’ from many of my clients and younger friends as they just have to be busy all the time – but why? What does that achieve? Oh yes…stress. I forgot that as I don’t seem to get stressed very often which is great but again maybe I am odd as people like me aren’t the norm anymore!

I could ramble on and on about this but I would love to open this question up and ask for your views. You see …one of the big questions I feel needs to be mentioned is what about love, precious moments, special people, fun, laughter and all the opportunities out in the big wide world that with a negative mind set people miss and those that are too busy.

Please don’t shatter my bubble too much as I love the space I live in but then that is my choice. I don’t want to be disillusioned in many ways but then maybe I don’t live in reality of what is going on around me as I choose not to feel it too. I wish more people felt like me as it makes me feel serenity for who I am and if we all saw the good in our world that surrounds us, then maybe we would slow down a little and take it all in.

Over to you… I leave to search for more answers.