When I work with clients I often encourage people by sharing how important it is to have a bit of what I call ‘Me Time’ which some people find so hard to accept. They feel guilty spending a bit of quality time on themselves but I had a lovely confirmation of how beautiful this can be when a friend and client said recently that she gave herself permission to do this and it has been life changing.

What I found interesting is she ‘gave herself permission’ which is a very powerful intent. In those quiet moments when you can relax and listen to your inner-self, you can learn over time so much about yourself and who you really are.

I have also had some amazing feedback on an article I wrote some months back for an internet online magazine called sofeminine which was called ‘Unlock Your Soul’ so I am going to include parts of it here which will help you realise how just taking a bit of quality time for yourself can help you understand yourself better.

Here’s some exciting news from the article – Life filled with more love, laughter, success and fun can sometimes seem like a dream but we can all attain this if we understand that acceptance of who we are is crucial.

We are all beautiful people and you are so much more than you think you are. We are all spiritual beings having a human experience and life should and can be, filled with love and joy.
Sometimes it takes a sudden jolt to understand this – to look at your life and feel truly alive. Have you suddenly reached a turning point…and ‘woken up’ to life? Have you had a ‘light bulb AHA’ moment and realised there is more to life? Do you now long for greater happiness, fulfilling relationships and success? To feel vibrant, alive and achieve more of your full potential because you can when you understand how powerful you are.

We all have fears, doubts and challenges at some time in our life. But when you learn to stretch yourself so you can begin to take baby steps outside your comfort zone and get passion, fun and joy back in your life, you begin to feel more vibrant as you embrace your magnificence. No one else can do this for you. When you feel good about yourself from the inside out, you become free from your limitations.

Many people are walking around half asleep and just drifting through life and don’t challenge themselves any more. When you truly ‘wake up’ to who you are, life changes. You begin to feel the beautiful experience of serenity. Your life will never be the same again. Everyone has a unique spiritual journey and life blueprint and one of our lessons is to evolve into who we truly are. Everyone is different so what is right for one person may not be right for you. Learn to live your own life as you go with the flow rather than swimming against the tide. That’s when life becomes less of a struggle.
Here are some steps for you to think about.

  • You are perfect just as you are right now. Everything that has happened in your life has made you the person you are. Learn from these experiences by letting go of the hurt some may have caused you. Forgiveness is a powerful step… and you may need to forgive yourself too.
  • Every thought you have creates the life and experiences around you. Change your thoughts into a more positive frame and you change your life. This is powerful but your thoughts create your reality so listen to your ‘self-talk’.
  • Visualisation is one of the most useful tools to create a better life. What you visualise you materialise so start making mental images of what you would like your life to be like in a few years’ time. Imagination creates dreams becoming reality. Stretch your imagination and watch the Universe respond as synchronicity will start to happen
  • We are all made up of energy and like attracts like. Look at the people around you – are they draining your energy or inspiring you? Sometimes we have to let others go who stop us moving on. They may not be ready so could hold you back. Once you let them go other likeminded people will suddenly appear in your life.
  • Ignite the passion that may have lain dormant for some time. A passion and purpose make life meaningful so you wake up in the morning raring to go. Don’t be fearful – feel excited.
  • Start taking small steps outside your comfort zone. Small steps are believable and therefore achievable. The more action you take, the more results you get. We all deserve a wonderful life and there is more than enough energy to go around so please don’t think this is selfish. It’s not.
  • Make time for you every day. Learn to relax and listen to the inner thoughts and ideas that may pop into your head. These are your inner guidance and wisdom from your soul. When you learn to trust in yourself and start living as the authentic you – life will begin to flow. You will also find you have far more energy!
  • Give to others your love, time, kindness & support and say ‘Thank You’ for all the abundance you already have in your life right now. Your appreciation will flow back to you in ways you may never have imagined.
  • Learn to praise yourself and others. We all achieve so much more than we realise but sometimes we concentrate on the negatives instead of the positives. Make a list of your qualities and you may surprise yourself. Ask others and you may be blown away!

When your soul is unlocked:

  • Your soul is your magnificence and the essence of who you are deep within your core being and has been with you during many lifetimes.
  • Your soul is part of your higher-self which knows what your life here in this school on earth should be. Listen to its wisdom. We all come here for a reason which is to experience life and grow through learning and feeling. We learn from each other too. Acceptance of yourself and others is a release. Nothing or no one is perfect. What is perfect anyway!
  • Your soul is never judgemental. It is we or others who judge us. Don’t live through your ego.
  • Your soul is love. Start doing what you love in life.
  • Let the beauty of your soul shine and your beauty will glow as others begin to see your light. This is truly a beautiful feeling.
  • When you learn to just be…you set yourself free. Enjoy your journey as the unique and special person you are. Life is meant to be fun – so go and have some fun as you remind yourself of your magnificence – don’t hide it any more. Enjoy being ‘you’.