Around the world millions of people are doing it, around the world millions wish for it. And in some parts of the world, some have rarely seen it. And yet this priceless gift costs us nothing!

We go about our day sometimes without a care in the world. On other days we carry the woes of the world on our shoulders and nothing can make you happy; let alone smile. And yet just one smile from a friend or a stranger can lift our hearts and make us feel special.

We often don’t consciously think about how we react to such a small simple gesture but it’s a priceless gift which is FREE to give! Yep, that’s right it costs us nothing. Sometimes £’s or $’s are exchanged in business when a fantastic deal is done and happiness and laughter make us smile. But so often I can travel on the train or bus and see everyone with their heads down, frightened sometimes to look at people as they are so busy rushing around 24/7 and yet to receive a smile can brighten their day.

We can go to an Event and be ignored. We can live in a street and feel lonely. We can live in a town and know no-one. And yet everyone wants to be acknowledged in some way even if they don’t realise it. I am so pleased I live in the country as everyone says ‘hello’, smiles, we may pat their dogs whilst on their walks but it makes me feel I am never alone as there is always someone willing to help if need be. I know all my neighbours and the local pubs are a hive of friendliness and yet, unfortunately, they are dying out which will kill some communities. Is there anything better than sharing a conversation over a meal around your table at home, in a local restaurant or pub with your friends or family and hear laughter buzzing in your ears!

How many of you reading this know your neighbours, your postman or talk to your local shop-keeper and I bet there is a lonely person sitting on their own down your street. Especially the elderly who can fear to go out or mothers with young children who feel sometimes so isolated and would appreciate the gift of your smile as you say ‘hello’

Some kids & adults today hide behind computers having ‘conversations’ on screen! Social Media is fantastic for many things but I truly feel it is killing the art of conversation and personal connection. You can’t feel the emotion of a machine. It doesn’t smile back at you or make you feel better about yourself if you are having a stressful day. It can’t respond in a way to make you feel better or make you feel happier unless you come across something to move you and make you smile. And then no-one else sees that smiles other than the machine!

Some years ago I worked with some colleagues who sat in the same room and emailed each other! Our group were asked to leave this communal office and we were placed in a room out of earshot as they found us strange! I won’t comment on that but I am sure we all know office colleagues who could do with lightening up and finding something – even if it just one small thing – to smile about!

Maybe I am wrong but I smile and talk to people in restaurants, in the street, on the train and yet they are complete strangers. But do you know something….they always smile back.

So why don’t we use this wonderful gesture to make the world a better and happier place? Just one extra smile a day to a complete stranger will make them and you feel a lot happier….and it will cost you nothing – just 10 seconds of your time.

Go on I dare you ….because you may never know how you can change someone’ life by making them feel special as you give the priceless gift of your smile.