Explaining what spirituality means to others has been a long-standing problem for me until I suddenly realised that it is an inner personal experience which cannot be described!

It is a ‘knowing’ and a relationship that only I can understand and know myself, but it is a beautiful inner acceptance of whom I am. I am content inside, happy and accepting and know that I am more than just me. It is something only I can feel as I connect with myself to find my sense of peace, intuition, energy, connectedness and passion for life.

I know that I am enough – just as I am right now. I have no shame or fear but just a beautiful sense of love & belonging as I feel a true sense of the beauty of myself and feel so worthy of a wonderful life.

My self-courage comes from my heart and I have compassion for myself and others and acceptance of who they are too – just as I hope they feel worthy and belong to this beautiful Universe that we are all connected too.

I know that when I went into my ‘dip’ many years ago that the beauty of this turning point was the most amazing ‘wake-up’ call to life.

My wish for all of you reading this is…..you are beautiful beyond words and just ask the Universe to ‘feel’ this connection to all that is and your silent awakening will happen as you begin a new sense of love and belonging as we are never alone. You are so much more than you think you are right now. Be proud to be you and understanding of others as we are all unique and special.

I wish you all a beautiful silent awakening within. This is the gift of life.