One of my favourite quotes is from Dr Wayne Dwyer “You cannot be lonely if you like the person you are alone with”.

Connecting with yourself to find your sense of peace, intuition, energy, connectedness & passion is the beauty of life. This is what I teach and love to share with people who have just had a lovely ‘silent awakening’ because they feel different and suddenly feel special.

What is happening is you are feeling the Universal Energy around you and your connection has just become stronger. We are all connected as we are all Energy. Energy is like the wind ….you can feel it but you can’t see it.

This can sometimes frighten people because it is alien to them. They sometimes (not always) have never been praised so sometimes their self-worth is low, and sometimes they don’t really know deep down who they are. They never take the time to sit and feel the stillness around them or hear the whispers from their soul and Higher Self. It frightens them to look within and just plod on in the busy 24/7 world. Looking within can be scary because we are often frightened of what our thoughts really are deep within our subconscious minds.

You have just ‘woken-up’ which can sometimes happen after a life crisis when you take stock and have overcome the grief of a situation. That doesn’t necessarily mean a death but a divorce can feel like you are grieving. I know that is what it felt like to me all those years ago.

Many of my clients say “what’s happening and why me?” And I say “Why not you” – you are special and loved by all those around you but so often people don’t take the time to really ‘feel’ it. So often we put others first but when we have self-love this then overflows into all areas of your life and the people in your life ‘feel’ you differently as you begin to shine your light. It becomes infectious. When you are happy and a fun person to be around then others will want to be associated with your company.

Self-love is never selfish. Self-love is a Divine Gift